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Today’s game card – Kevin Trudeau

September 4th, 2008 Posted in Game Cards

This is the last of this current selection of game cards as, quite honestly, I’ve run out of big names.  Actually, I’m quite pleased about that – it’s nice to know that there really aren’t very many high profile frauds, idiots and loonies.  But today’s, as the last in the series, is a real corker – Kevin Trudeau is all three: a fraud, an idiot and a loony.  As a skeptic, it’s not often that you can legally say about a human being that they are not only a multiply-convicted felon, a fraud, a larcenist and a serial liar, but also perhaps the greatest purveyor of pseudoscientic snake-oil bullshit that I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across.

Trudeau is the author of a number of ridiculous pseudoscientific books teaching gullible Americans how to achieve a number of medical miracles using only easily-obtainable household products.  He’s a hard-hitting opponent of pretty much all established science, especially anything in the medical sphere.  He’s on record as saying that suncream causes cancer (imagine the damage that could cause if people believed him), that scientists have never ever successfully managed to cure a single disease, that animals never get sick and that bacteria and viruses don’t causes disease.  That’s not just wrong: it makes even young-Earth creationists look sane by comparison.  And, of course, Trudeau has zero training to qualify himself for this, and zero studies behind any of his claims.

Despite serving two years in jail for larceny and credit card fraud, being restricted by federal court orders from selling anything whatsoever, and warned that if he misrepresents any fact in his books he might get a hefty fine and/or a jail sentence, Trudeau has still somehow managed to sell five million copies of his latest conspiracy-theory-laced brain-rottingly insane drivel to people too gullible or poorly educated to see that it’s merely the demented rantings of a pathological, self-obsessed, money-crazed fantasist.  For that fact alone, he gets a low stupidity rating despite the fact that the nonsense he’s writing about is insane to the point of being farcical.

A quick tally shows that Trudeau has paid over $5 million in several fines for various counts of deception and misrepresentation during his business activities.  The fact that US law permits cretins like Trudeau to continue to operate despite his undeniably seditious track record and a series of books so chock full of highly dangerous lies and nonsense, shows just what a mockery a dedicated con man can make of the present laws of the world’s richest country.  It is a cause for intense shame that this man is outrageously rich when so many decent human beings are struggling to pay their bills.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my own personal recommendation for the Biggest Douche in the Universe, edging out John Edward and Sylvia Browne by a whisker: Kevin Trudeau.


Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau

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