Because the universe is beautiful enough without having to lie about it


Dr Colin Frayn studied at the world-famous Institute of Astrronomy, Cambridge University for four years, obtaining his PhD in computational astrophysics in 2002 for work in the study of the evolution history of nearby galaxies.  After that, he spent four years working in the leading Natural Computation group in the Computer Science department of the University of Birmingham, UK.

After leaving Birmingham, Colin spent 18 months working for a small, but highly-respected UK technology company, carrying out data analysis with a number of projects from combating Internet fraud, to studying trends in Commodities.

He now works as a programmer in the financial sector, building analytical models to analyse portfolio risk and valuation in the field of equity derivatives, which has, as you can imagine, become something of a high-profile field recently.

Colin has passionately studied the subject of evolution for many years, and is the author of a large website evaluating scientific evidence for the evolution / creationism debate.  He is a strong believer in rationality, and advocates the education of children and adults alike in skeptical, analytical thought.

In his spare time, Colin is a keen musician, enjoys travel, loves to spend time in the great outdoors and finds pretty much everything interesting. Colin is happily married, and lives with his beautiful wife in South London.

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