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Today’s game card – Ken Ham

September 3rd, 2008 Posted in Game Cards

I’m almost out of people for the card game – I only have one left (but it’s a good one!)  Today’s penultimate card, for the time being at least, is of a famous young earth creationist, Ken Ham.  We’ve had quite a few of these guys in our card set, so I won’t go over again what they believe, but let’s just say that the only reason his stupidity score is below ten is that he does actually have a degree, and has managed to cobble together a few books with some surprisingly long words in them.

Ham was born in Australia, then moved to the US where he works very closely with the Institute for Creation Research and runs the Answers in Genesis website.  [Yes, I actually linked directly to the real site – I have no problem giving people both sides of the argument and, in all honesty, the best argument against young earth creationists is a short chat with one of them.]

I gave Ken a 6/10 for wealth because, like most of these creationists, he seems to have published a few books which the faithful are snapping up in handfuls.

So, on to the game card. I apologise for the picture – it was the best one I could find and, unfortunately, it makes him look like a gibbon.  Sorry, Ken – I know how much you hate the idea of common ancestry. Mea culpa.


Ken Ham

Ken Ham

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