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Today’s game card – Dean Radin

August 20th, 2008 Posted in Game Cards

I think it’s time we started acknowledging some of the idiots of academia in this rapidly expanding card game. So here’s a good start – Dean Radin, President of the parapsychological association.

Radin is a scientist.  Well, I suppose he can be called that – though he actually believes that parapsychological abilities are real.  Let’s put aside for now the extraordinary lapse in proper experimental procedure that is required to achieve that particular deduction, and examine for one minute what he actually believes: he thinks remote viewing is plausible and believes that human beings can communicate through the ether using as-yet-unknown abilities and physical laws, and he also believes that human beings have the ability to manipulate physical objects using their minds.

No, really.

And he works at the Institute of Noetic Sciences co-founded by yesterday’s game card star, Edgar Mitchell. An organisation dedicated to proving that paranormal phenomena exist and, moreover, that humanity is in the process of evolving into a new species with superhuman powers.

No, really.

I think that the complete and abject failure of any reputable study to find even the slightest evidence for paranormal abilities, together with repeated discoveries of poor experimental procedure in experiments seeming to show a positive effect (such as those lamentable examples of Jacques Benveniste), coupled with the obvious truth that there is simply no imaginable physical model by which any abilities of this type might operate, can now be taken as conclusive proof that these abilities simply do not exist. Anyone who claims otherwise is either an ignoramus, a liar or profoundly deluded.

It goes without saying that Brian Josephson thinks Radin is practically a god amongst men, but Josephson is also a certifiable nut.  Maybe I’ll do a card for him later on in the game.  Fred Hoyle probably would also have said Radin was great, which would pretty much have sealed the end of any barely salvageable credibility he retained.

Dean Radin

Dean Radin

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  2. By Ayaulym on Nov 20, 2015

    really?) it wouldn’t have been held as spam. Maybe not, but I do find it strgane that you’re not using your real name. Anyway, that’s not important to your comment!~ “To date there have been no experimental results that have gained wide acceptance in the scientific community as valid evidence of the paranormal.” I think this depends on who we classify as the “scientific community.”~ With regard to your comment about the JREF they have just recently expanded who they will allow to “qualify” for this particular prize (I think this past March). I understand your point in bringing up the JREF, but the studies I have cited are all talking about these particular skills being tested under rigorous (sometimes very rigorous) scientific conditions. In fact, I remember reading one study where the tested effect grew stronger as the measures strengthened.~ “We could continue to ‘offer’ our found studies to support our views tic for tact ” You’re right, we probably could.~ ” and I am open that there may be such things beyond our knowledge, but overstating and misusing what the actual full body of research states is a disservice.” Most of the articles (or books) that I have referenced, have space where they talk about the evidence against the effects that are being discussed. I do not think that I am overstating the results of any of these studies. Mostly everything I have referenced has evidence for the phenomenon I am talking about.~ What has become clear to me in all of my reading on this subject those who hold beliefs for the paranormal will almost always find evidence in support of it and those who hold beliefs not for the paranormal will almost always find evidence not in support of it. With Love and Gratitude, Jeremiah

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