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Today’s game card – Edgar Mitchell

August 19th, 2008 Posted in Game Cards

Some of you may have read my previous post on former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell.  Lest I be accused of attempting to smear the good name of an American hero, let me just briefly restate what I said before, that I believe all astronauts, especially those on the Apollo missions, are extraordinary human beings, worthy of all praise and honour that they could ever be given.

That being said, Mitchell appears to have gone totally nuts of late, claiming that he has conclusive proof that the US is harbouring evidence of extra-terrestrial races and are in contact with civilisations from outside of our solar system.  And I don’t care how heroic Mitchell may well be, he’s still subject to the same burden of proof as every other human being. And, surprise surpsise!, he can’t provide any proof whatsoever.  I wonder why?

He has written a couple of books on the subject, though, which is an interesting coincidence.  Of course, Mitchell has had a life-long interest in psychic phenomena and ESP, as well as believing in all sorts of crazy pseudo-sciences such as remote healing, so he has prior form.

Needless to say, all the other astronauts deny all of Mitchell’s claims and distance themselves from his views as widely as possible.

I gave Mitchell the lowest possible score of 1/10 for evil because, let’s face it, he piloted a spacecraft to the moon at enormous personal risk.

Edgar Mitchell

Edgar Mitchell

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