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Today’s Game Card – Peter Popoff

August 13th, 2008 Posted in Game Cards

Peter Popoff, charismatic ‘faith healer’, was been comprehensively and undeniably unmasked as a fraud twenty years ago, but yet somehow he’s managed to bounce back and is amassing stupendous riches once more by preying on gullible and vulnerable people.

It is unbelievably liberating, in this litigious world, that I am absolutely safe to proclaim to the world that Popoff is not only an insidious fraud, but he is also growing wealthy once more from what appears to be much more of the same.  What is disturbing, however, is that Popoff is even allowed to practise what he does without immediately being locked up and prosecuted.

Popoff scores the maximum 10/10 for the ‘evil’ score simply because everything he does is not only insidious, but also harmful – at least psychologically.  He gets a ten because, despite being utterly caught in the act as a complete liar, he has somehow managed to slither back onto television, and start up a totally new series of extremely lucrative seminars.  I only gave him 8/10 for wealth because he’s apparently only earning about $600,000 per year at the moment, which doesn’t quite put him in the league of John Edward and his cronies.

Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff

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