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Final presentation is ready!

December 20th, 2012 Posted in Creationism, Education, General Science

Well, I got a lot done on the presentations in these last two weeks, and I’m pleased to say that the last one of the series on Understanding Science is done. This is lecture 8, and it’s on the subject of Logical Fallacies – that is, mistakes people make in logical arguments. Watch it now!

Lecture 8 – Logical Fallacies

I haven’t decided what to work on yet, but I’ve got a book I’ve started writing and it’s been sitting on my computer for years, so I will probably work on that.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Final presentation is ready!”

  2. By stephen d. fretwell on Aug 7, 2013

    re Bayes theorem, theology, and science,

    About 40 years ago, I attempted a disproof (falsification) of biblical theology (BT) using a bayesian, lakatosian, strong inference approach. I used, under the advice of experts, biblical standards as my materials and methods. To my surprise, my experiments always confirmed the biblical predictions. That is, when they did not confirm, I submitted my understanding and adherence to the biblical methods to the experts, found flaws, made corrections, and the repeat experiments always confirmed. Been doing this for forty years now, hundreds of independent experiments, with the posterior plausibility of (BT) up to .99999999.

    Thought you would want to know.

    PS. Yes, I am the Stephen D. Fretwell of Ideal Free Distribution and food chain dynamics. A serious scientist.

  3. By Colin Frayn on Aug 7, 2013

    Hi Stephen,

    I’ve been trying to stay away from the application of scientific methods to religious questions, though it seems obvious and undeniable to me that all supernatural claims should be rejected on scientific grounds. The priors are vanishingly small, and the positive evidence pitifully weak (at best). But there are those who disagree, and there are also those who maintain that scientific arguments are not relevant in such cases. Can’t say I understand those arguments, but live and let live…


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