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Allah meat

July 22nd, 2008 Posted in General

Wow, it’s a fast news day today, folks.  And this is probably one of the funniest news stories that I’ve seen in ages. I’d heard of the Virgin Mary toastie and the Virgin Mary stain and the totally awesome nun bun, but nothing had prepared me for Allah meat. Yes folks, Allah himself (or, rather, his name in Arabic) appeared on not one, not two but three pieces of meat in a restaurant in Nigeria.

The owner of the restaurant was quoted as saying that it is “a sign to show that Islam is the only true religion for mankind.” Nope, it’s just a sign to show that, if you find people stupid enough, you can get them to believe pretty much anything.

Incidentally, if they wanted to provide a real sign to that effect, I’d suggest that perhaps a few pieces of meat isn’t the best place to achieve that.  How about discovering the name of Allah written in Arabic in letters a mile high on the surface of Mars.  Now that would impress me. Until that day, however, I shall remain amused, dismayed and unconvinced.

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