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Psychic Detective Monitor

March 27th, 2009 Posted in Paranormal, Psychology

My “psychic detective monitor” has been going haywire recently, picking up several changes to the psychic detective site in the last few months.  And best of all, I found this gem. Yes folks, there’s some good news – you too can develop your natural psychic ability.

He’s selling his course, folks – and it’s only $9.95. An amazing bargain!

Maybe he should be using his own methods, because his predictions don’t seem too hot so far. For example, “Obama will win the presidential election by a narrow margin.”  That’s odd, I remember it being a landslide. Also, too bad about the Ukrainian military action and the Russian power outage – I guess the detective isn’t too hot on his Cyrillic.  Still, there’s a chance for the major earthquake in Mexico he predicts. Let’s just hope he doesn’t strike lucky on that one.

I’ve just had a wonderful idea. I can advertise a special series of meditation techniques that are guaranteed to improve your natural psychic ability by a factor of 100. And the best bit is that I can do it without lying. I wonder how many people would complain? Hmm… strictly speaking, I should definitely be able to get away with it.  Why try to educate the gullible when I could just con them for every penny they have?

Oh yeah, that’s right – it’s because I have morals.

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