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Texas Narrowly Upholds Reason

March 27th, 2009 Posted in Creationism, Education, Politics

I suppose I should be happy that the Texas lawmakers have upheld the bill which removed a loophole through which creationists slipped their nonsense into textbooks across the state.  The new wording is that students should be  taught to “analyze and evaluate scientific explanations using empirical evidence, logical reasoning and experimental and observational testing.”

I should be happy, but I’m not. And the reason why I’m not happy is because the vote was 7-7. That is to say, 50% of the people in charge of making a decision for the education of an entire state’s children, don’t understand reality.

To be grateful for such a result would be like saying I was glad if my country narrowly voted down a proposed law to allow psychic mediums control of our nation’s monetary policy.

We shouldn’t be glad when insanity is narrowly defeated – we should be appalled that insanity ever got to such a strength that it needed to be defeated.

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