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Five years roaming and still going strong

January 4th, 2009 Posted in Astronomy

It’s been over five years now since the rover Spirit landed on Mars, on January 3rd 2004. Its twin, Opportunity, landed a few weeks later on Jan 24th. The rovers were only designed to last 90 days, but they are still working diligently, if slightly crippled, five years later.

This story is a wonderful example of what happens when we get science really right. The photos that these two rovers are returning to Earth are so extraordinary – not because they show breathtaking landscapes or tantalising glimpses of life, which they don’t, but because they show panoramas of another world.

It looks like there will be no more missions to Mars until 2011, but thanks to these two amazing vehicles, we won’t haev any shortage of data to work with in the meantime.

Happy 5th anniversary, guys.

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