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More presentations

November 22nd, 2008 Posted in Creationism

I’ve just put up a load more presentations. Just four more left and then I’ll be finished and I can return to the way things were 🙂

I apologise for not adding in any other material at the moment – the presentations are taking up whatever sparse free time I have. As soon as they’re done then I’ll be able to focus on other things, and one of my priorities is going back to the monitoring projects that I was working on before. I’m especially interested to see how the Fraud Ratings are proceeding, and I’m sure I’ll be looking into some more areas to explore.

In the meantime, and I appreciate that this is a bizarre thing to say, but doing all this work researching creationist claims has actually left me really rather optimistic about the state of science in the world. I had no idea just how much we actually knew in some areas and, having looked through some of it, I’m gaining a new-found appreciation for the breadth, depth and rigour of modern scientific research. I’m beginning to realise just what a fringe nutter Kent Hovind is, and that’s very reassuring.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but previously I was actually worried about some young Earth arguments – not because I thought they might be right (of course they’re all wrong), but rather because I thought they were too sophisticated to answer and that I would find myself unable to come up with a good reply. On the contrary, pretty much all of them end up as either simple logical fallacies, or (more often than not) fit into a very small number of templates which all betray the same lazy thinking, intellectual cowardice, ignorance, or sometimes, to be blunt, gratuitous falsehoods. It’s good to know that the opposition really doesn’t have any new ammunition, and that it’s using the same old tired tricks that they’ve used time and time again. Eventually, they’ll get the point.

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