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A Message to all Americans

November 4th, 2008 Posted in Politics

Please, if you have any love whatsoever for the future of science and reason, go out tomorrow and vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. If you do not then there is a very real chance that John McCain and Sarah Palin might get their crazy little minds into the White House. If that happens then the two people running America will think that fundamental scientific research is a bad thing. If McCain dies in office, which isn’t unlikely, then you will be left with the most powerful nation on Earth being run by a witless creationist simpleton with no more ability to lead a 21st century superpower than your average mollusc. Please, learn from the mistake of the last eight years and elect someone with a brain.

I know you’re all thinking “shut up Europe, we don’t care what you think – this is our country and our President.” Of course it is, we understand that. It’s not because we want to patronise you that we’re saying this – but you have to realise that the American elections will have repercussions around the entire world. The reason why so many Europeans care about the outcome of your election is because it is, in a very real sense, our election too. Don’t be angry about that – be proud that your country has such a powerful global influence. ¬†Unfortunately, for the last eight years, that influence has been predominantly negative. ¬†Please don’t allow that to continue.

We cannot vote tomorrow, but you can. Please make your vote count.

Also, don’t do drugs. And stay in school.

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