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Chemical free?

July 19th, 2008 Posted in Biology, Health

There’s a new series of advertisements on British TV for a make of garden fertiliser which proudly announces that it is ‘chemical free’. Really? Hmmm.. well, the only thing that’s chemical free is a vacuum, and I’m sure that’s not what they’re selling because, as far as I know, that won’t help your garden grow.

The bottom line is that everything you see in the world around you is made out of chemicals. Every time you water your plants, you’re pouring chemicals on them: H2O. Every time you take a breath you’re inhaling a cocktail of chemicals: Nasty things like, ooh Oxygen. This crazy rebellion against modern science is entirely foundless because chemicals are exactly what we’re all made out of. Chemicals are what make us tick. Chemicals are good.

Of course that’s not the only rebellion against scientific chemistry. Next time you see someone offering “natural, drug-free” remedies, remember that the only reason why anything like that would work is because they contain drugs. Naturally sourced, unsynthesised drugs, but drugs nonetheless. Aspirin is a drug, which was initially identified in willow bark. For years it had been used as a natural remedy. Fortunately, it actually showed promise, so some scientists started analysing it. It went through preliminary trials of its efficacy, and it passed; the active component was identified, it was isolated and extracted; it was tested for safety; the correct dose was established, and safe levels were extensively analysed. Finally, as soon as all that rigorous, controlled testing had been achieved, the drug was proved safe and effective, it was placed for sale to the general public.

Now, you could trust that process… or you could just eat a few leaves because some guy in a pub told you to. Your call.

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