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Browne’s ‘Fraud Rating’ jumps sharply

October 7th, 2008 Posted in Internet, Paranormal

 Here’s an interesting discovery over the last week: Sylvia Browne‘s fraud rating has suddenly shot up by over three times! Between 29th September and 6th October 2008, despite a fall of nearly 5% in the number of web pages mentioning her name, there was a massive jump in the proportion of those pages registering hits for the term “Sylvia Browne Fraud”.  It is unclear so far whether or not this is a temporary anomaly. There were certainly two large jumps in the fraud index for John Edward over the last two months that proceeded to return to normal, and they were of similar magnitude.

Sylvia Browne Fraud Index

Sylvia Browne Fraud Index

It is possible at this time that this effect is merely a result of Google playing around with its internal database, or its page recognition systems. It might even be something to do with the way in which pages are spidered and cached. Or it might be a real result based on her desire to predict the result of the US presidential election perhaps? Either way, I find it very interesting and I will continue to monitor the data as and when they arrive!

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