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Battlefield Earth

July 18th, 2008 Posted in Bad media

I’ve finally just watched Battlefield Earth: possibly the worst train-wreck of a movie ever created. At least, according to pretty much any review ever written.  And yes, it’s pretty awful, though I think it’s still got some competition. “Batman & Robin” is one contender. L Ron Hubbard should’ve stuck to what he was good at – creating obscenely lucrative cul… *cough* ‘religions’ – instead of trying to write science fiction.

How’s a guy supposed to criticise films on science content when the scripts themselves are just so awful? Bad science in films is one thing that I really hate, because so many people get their understanding of science from the media.

Seriously though, it’s a terrible film, folks. Don’t watch it; it’s not even funny. It’s at that exact level of ‘bad’ that’s just plain awful without being laughable.

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