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Ancient rocks

September 28th, 2008 Posted in Creationism, General Science

According to this article on BBC News, scientists have managed to break the record for the oldest rock ever found.  The rock, a greenstone, pushes back the date of the oldest rocks known by 250 million years.  At 4.28 billion years old, this rock is 712,000 times older than young Earth creationists believe the entire Earth to be. Yes, that’s how ridiculous their claims are.

Rocks are conventionally dated by a combination of radiometric dating methods.  I might write something about these at a later date, and they will certainly be part of my upcoming powerpoint slide collection.  On that note, I’ve now finished reading through Kent Hovind’s entire powerpoint collection of 6,016 slides. Yes, you read that right – over six thousand slides.  To be fair, many of them are repeated several times in different lectures, but it’s still a mammoth task.  More on that shortly, I hope.  My hope is that, after working through these, I’ll be at least familiar with every single commonly used creationist argument.  I had no idea how many there were, and there are many that I confess I’ve never heard of.

So, watch this space. I’ll get something done on those soon and start posting them on this site when I’m finished.

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