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Ireland’s Environment Minister = nutjob

September 5th, 2008 Posted in Climate Change

According to BBC News, the Environment Minister of Northern Ireland, DUP’s Sammy Wilson, has just said something job-losingly-stupid.  Yes, Mr Wilson thinks that climate change, if it exists, is probably not due to human activity, and whatever it does we should just accept it and move on.

That woud be inexcusably daft even for a junior minister, but for a senior minister it’s downright idiotic. For an Environment Minister, it’s both idiotic and intellectually fatal.  It just underlines the need to vet our government more closely.  Is there some way we could actually require ministers to pass a test of competency on the area over which they are to be placed in control?  Can we require them to have some reasonable level of qualification?  This strikes me as a sensible solution to the current problem.  After all, we seem to be in a position at the moment where the blind are leading not only the blind, but they’re also trying to direct those with 20/20 vision (no offence to the incidentally incompetent Mr. Blunkett – it was a metaphor).

And as for Mr Wilson, well… appointing someone like him as environment minister strikes me rather like appointing Richard Dawkins as secretary for religious affairs, or George Bush as Presid…. hmm…  Yeah, this has happened before, hasn’t it?

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