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Is Richard Dawkins a Raelian?

August 1st, 2008 Posted in Creationism, E.T., Religion

Please don’t ask me how I found this, but here you are: Is it possible that renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins is a Raelian?  The article is on the Raelian news website, here.

Many of you may have heard of Raelians as they have been in the news concerning their claim to have cloned a human being. You probably don’t know much more about this bizarre religious cult, so I’ll enlighten you.  Basically, they’re the best religion imaginable: they believe in science, and state that science is humanity’s best hope for survival.  They reject war and violence, they support clean energy sources (including nuclear) and, best of all, they believe that sex is good.  Yes, you can re-read that one, folks: a religion that claims that sex is a good thing. Wow.

Oh, and there’s this other thing. *cough*

Yeah, alright, so there’s one other thing that I didn’t mention.  One tiny thing.  The Raelians believe that their leader called ‘Rael’ (and previously known as French racing driver, motoring journalist and musician Claude Vorilhon) has been in personal contact with an alien race called the Elohim, who apparently created human life on Earth.  In fact, he visited their home planet and had sex with loads of hot cloned human women.

OK, so they’re nuts. They’re certifiably barmy. But that’s just a tiny flaw. If we could just remove that bit…

For those who aren’t going to read the article I linked to above, the gist was that Dawkins mentioned on film a while ago that he thought it was possible that life on Earth might originally have been seeded by aliens. Possible, but unlikely – mainly because it would, of course, leave traces.  Oh, and as Dawkins always points out – that theory is essentially a cop-out because it explains nothing. After all, the aliens had to come from somewhere, too.

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