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July 30th, 2008 Posted in Creationism, Education, Internet

I’ve had a cunning plan. Believe it or not, it began when I watched a debate between Kent Hovind and Michael Shermer that I blogged about ages ago. I noticed that every single thing Shermer said, Hovind had a ready-prepared graphical powerpoint reply to it.  Then I started looking for something equivalent for the science point of view, and realised that it doesn’t exist.  Now, I understand that this is partly because the scientific view is way more complex than Hovind’s ridiculous parody of it; but I’m sure that I can also put something together with a coherent style that would actually work well to plug this gap.

I’ll start work on this right away and host these on my site.  And I guess I’m posting this because I want suggestions as to what I should write them on.  Suggestions to the usual email address, please (or comment on this post). If you can’t find my email address then… well… look around. Seriously, if the automated spambots can find it then so can you 😉

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